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HumanInsight is the professional training company

where individuals and organisations

learn to think smarter and make better choices

using behavioural insight.

Hi! I'm Els Compernolle, the founder of HumanInsight.


Scientific curiosity lies at the heart of everything I do. This is why - after graduating as a Bio Engineer at the University of Leuven - I decided to broaden my horizon and went abroad for a good while: 11 years, to be precise. I studied economics at the University of Cambridge (UK) and then taught economics at the London School of Economics and University College Dublin.


Nowadays I live and work in Flanders once again. As a policy advisor I help government, companies and organisations figure out which interventions will be most effective and why.


For HumanInsight I incorporate the latest knowledge from behavioural economics, neurosciences and cognitive psychology in evidence-based trainings and workshops, where participants learn to use behavioural insight to improve their performance.

About humans

We humans are fascinating. But we tend to overestimate ourselves. This tendency is called self-serving bias, a typical human thinking error we all fall victim to.


"Surely I don't need anybody explaining me how I think!" you might mumble. However, research points out that we think less rationally than we like to believe. Moreover, much of our thinking occurs unconsciously and we are continuously affected by our environment. As a result, our thinking can actually stand in the way of making good decisions and acting effectively.


"I actually do know people who think and behave irrationally." you might nod.

"They might be in need of this type of training. Luckily, I don't need it myself."

Indeed, research also points out that we are all blind to our own thinking errors!


Knowing we all make thinking errors and are highly susceptible to our environments is one thing, but how does this bring us any further? Luckily science shows us that humans are systematically - and hence predictably - irrational in thinking and behaviour. Thus, you can learn to steer it in the right direction. In other words: you can learn to 'think smarter', which in turn allows you to 'choose better' (make choices that are more in line with your self-interest) and 'behave effectively' (your actions have the desired result).


At HumanInsight we specialise in human behaviour. In our training courses and workshops you learn to understand the psychology underpinning behaviour and you get the tools needed to effect real and lasting behavioural change.

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System 1 and system 2 thinking

Not yet convinced of the fallability of your thinking? Try the following little test.


You see a number of words: names of colours. These worlds are also written in certain colours. (Of course, both are not always identical.)


As quickly as you can, for each word name the colour that word is written in.


Tricky? That is because your system 1 thinking (your fast intuitive thinking) is throwing you off.

Yellow Blue

Red Black

Red Purple

Blue Green

Red Black

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