Empower yourself to build inclusive workplaces and manage diverse teams.

Inclusive leadership encourages employee satisfaction,

creativity & innovation and improved decision-making.

For whom?

- line leaders at all levels

- (people) managers

- directors and board members


- 1 or 2 days

- up to 10 participants

- made to measure

Didactic methods

- interactive knowledge transfer

- analysing and learning from practical examples

- working on your own cases

Why should you attend?

Inclusive leaders succeed in creating a workplace where everyone can be unique while at the same time be an integral part of the group. That's how inclusive leaders get the most out of the diversity that exists in teams and organizations.

Inclusive leadership sidesteps a narrow interpretation of diversity. When diversity remains confined to meeting quota it often does not lead to better results for teams or organisations. This is because diversity without inclusion can lead to frustration and misunderstanding. Diversity then becomes a stumbling block.

Managing a diverse team is not self-evident. It requires specific knowledge and skills. Skills that in todays workplace every leader and manager needs to acquire. 

- Inclusive leadership allows you to build a diverse team that outperforms other teams: both in terms of employee satisfaction, innovation and creativity, as well as decision-making skills. 

- Inclusive leadership requires courage. As a leader, you must be willing to reflect on yourself and how you do things, your unconscious assumptions and biases.

- Inclusive leadership requires a different way of communicating with your team, a willingness to stay curious and to enter into dialogue.

Our approach

- This workshop is fully interactive.

- A good mix of interactive knowledge transfer and practical exercises and cases ensures you can immediately apply the new learnings in your daily work.

- We work in small groups and provide a safe, inclusive learning environment. 

Your results

- understanding of the impact of inclusion on your team/department/organization

- insight into your own assumptions and biases as team leader / people manager

- practical tools and techniques to empower you to be more inclusive in your leadership



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