Learn how to apply behavioural insight to draw up

a motivational approach to leadership and HR.

The result: increased and lasting employee engagement.

For whom?

- people managers

- HR managers

- HR professionals


- 2 days

- tot 10 deelnemers

- in-company & maatwerk

Didactic methods

- Interactive knowledge transfer

- Analysing and learning from practical examples

- Working on your own cases


A. The pitfalls of our thinking and their impact on leadership and HR

  • How does our brain work? System-1 and system-2 thinking.
  • The shortcuts in our brain. Which systematic thinking errors make it difficult for us to make smart decisions?
  • Which are the most important thinking errors that play in leadership and HR? How can you counter these?

You will be provided with tools and techniques to draw up an advanced leadership and HR policy that takes into account the effect of our human thinking errors. This way you increase the impact of your policy.

B. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

  • What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation?
  • Why dos the traditional approach with emphasis on extrinsic motivation not work in a VUCA environment?
  • In what circumstances càn you rely on extrinsic motivation?

You learn to work with a clear flowchart that provides a framework for when to use extrinsic/intrinsic motivation and that you can apply immediately in your own organization.

C. Increasing intrinsic motivation and employee engagement

  • The increased complexity of the contemporary work environment requires that you predominantly focus on intrinsic motivation. Which factors ensure intrinsic (and therefore sustainable) motivation at work?
  • Which methods and techniques do prominent organizations use to increase employee engagement?
  • How do you apply these methods and techniques in your own organization?

You develop your own case, which will be discussed during the session and on which you will receive feedback. This way you immediately learn to apply the new insights in your own practice.

D. New methodologies for motivation and remuneration

  • How is it possible that employees become less productive if they receive a bonus?
  • Which pitfalls in our thinking play a role in motivation and reward? How do these undermine intrinsic motivation and employee engagement?
  • Which new methods and techniques do prominent organizations use to motivate and reward?

You learn to use new methods, developed on the basis of behavioural insight, to motivate and reward employees in the organization.



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