Learn to counter the effects of implicit bias (unconscious stereotypes and prejudices) in recruitment & evaluation. The result: increased diversity; you can attract the best talent to your organization and keep it there.

For whom?

- People managers

- HR professionals

- Anybody engaged in selection & promotion processes


- 1 or 2 days

- up to 10 participants

- made to measure

Didactic methods

- Interactive knowledge transfer

- Time to share experiences

- Assignments and cases. Own cases are discussed and feedback is provided.


1. The pitfalls of our thinking and their impact on leadership and HR

  • How does our brain work? System-1 and system-2 thinking.
  • The shortcuts in our brain. Which systematic thinking errors make it difficult for us to make smart decisions?
  • Which are the most important thinking errors that play in leadership and HR? How can you counter these?

You will be provided with tools and techniques to draw up an advanced leadership and HR policy that takes into account the effect of our human thinking errors. This way you increase the impact of your policy.

2. Countering implicit bias in your organization

  • Implicit bias with yourself and in your organization. What are we talking about?
  • How implicit bias undermines diversity in your organization.
  • The importance of diversity in your team and organization: not only on an interpersonal level, but also in terms of productivity, decision-making skills and innovative capacities.

3. New methodologies for selection and promotion

  • Which pitfalls in our thinking influence the process of recruitment and selection? We delve deeper into implicit bias.
  • Why do not you select the best candidates with an unstructured interview? You learn which methodologies to avoid because they leave a lot of room for unconscious stereotypes and bias.
  • How did leading international companies adjust their recruitment and selection processes based on behavioural insights? How do they minimize the effects of implicit bias?
  • How do you translate these insights into your own organization?

Using cases and concrete tools you learn to minimize implicit bias in recruitment and selection and so attract the best talent.



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