Learn to counter the effects of implicit bias (unconscious stereotypes and prejudices) in recruitment & evaluation. The result: increased diversity; you can attract the best talent to your organization and keep it there.

For whom?

- People managers

- HR professionals

- Anybody engaged in selection & promotion processes


- 1 or 2 days

- up to 10 participants

- made to measure

Didactic methods

- Interactive knowledge transfer

- Time to share experiences

- Assignments and cases. Own cases are discussed and feedback is provided.

Trainer: Els Compernolle

Experienced & enthusiastic trainer with a passion for people.

Els is fascinated by the behaviour of people and organizations. She wants to understand why one approach works while another does not.

  • For HumanInsight Els incorporates the latest knowledge from behavioural economics and cognitive psychology in evidence-based courses.
  • Her approach is practical and result-driven. Using proven methods, Els reveals pitfalls and hidden processes in thinking and behaviour with yourself and in your organization. You learn to think smarter.
  • Els encourages you to turn ineffective patterns in thought and behaviour into effective ones. The result: more insight, personal and professional growth and improved work results. You can now act more effectively. 

Els regularly gives training in Belgium and abroad, is a trainer for Kluwer Opleidingen (BE) and The Thinking Academy (NL). She taught at prestigious universities such as the London School of Economics and University College Dublin.



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