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Why invest in inclusion?

Diverse teams are smarter (*1): they make better decisions, are more innovative and creative. That is because in a diverse team the brain is challenged to abandon the ingrained routines. 

To realise this value added your first need to invest in inclusion. The first step is recruiting without bias, so that you attract the best talent. Step two is building an inclusive culture, so you can also keep that talent and let it thrive. An inclusive culture sees difference as a positive force in a team and as crucial element in collaboration with others. This means everybody needs to be alert to mindbugs with themselves and in the team: our brain prefers what is known and familiar. We have an automatic preference for those who are similar to us; we prefer the status quo. In an inclusive organisation people are not afraid to call out these mindbugs (they can do so because there is psychological safety). In an inclusive culture management shapes the context en processes such that the room for mindbugs is minimised.

Your result of investing in inclusion? Improved performance (*2):  increased employee engagement, lower turnover, more innovation. 

*1: HBR (2016) "Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter"

*2: HBR (2016) "Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable and That Is Why They Perform Better"

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