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maintain connection in a digital world



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Maintain connection

in a digital world

Corona-times are posing new challenges to leaders and HR professionals. How do you maintain connection between people now they are physically separated? How do you nurture purpose in your organisation now so many certainties are falling by the sideline?

Scientific research points out that the most effective way is to focus on the 5 drivers of intrinsic motivation: belonging, recognition, autonomy, mastery, purpose.

Focussing on belonging and motivation in a digital world pays off.

It results in:

  • improved results at the level of teams and organisations;
  • increased performance of individuals and less absences;
  • increased loyalty and less turnover of talent,
  • strengthened image and reputation of your organisation.


Type: Possible as

In-company workhop

1 half day (3 hours), in your organisation

Virtual Learning Journey

1 half day (3 hours), via Zoom

max. 12 participants

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Your results

  • You learn to apply knowledge of brain and behaviour to set out your leadership and HR policies.
  • You discover the latest evidence-based methods and techniques. 
  • These techniques have proven themselves in leading organisations.
  • You translate new insights to your daily practice. 


"The trainer has an unique combination of professionality and spontaneity. The session was interesting and educational, completely tailored to our needs."

Andre Peterson, Operational Manager, Bergrivier Municipality, South Africa

"I got new input and had to reflect on how I approach my work. I look forward to practicing these ideas in my daily work."

Mariusz Idzikowski, Expert, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development