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DEI policy

Developing sound DEI policy.

a strategic, evidence-based and effective approach

1 day  I  Incompany Training or Virtual Learning Journey

So you want to develop a sound DEI policy.

Just how do you get started?

By now it's almost a mantra: make sure you choose diversity. Because diversity will result in added value for your organisation.

But. actually, this is not true. In fact, some diverse organisations do not perform well at all....

Only when your organisation works in an inclusive way will investing in diversity lead to more and better!

Working inclusively requires a sound DEI policy. Just like for other transversal projects, you need a strategic, integrated and effective approach.

In this practical, action-oriented training course, we will guide you through the different steps of achieving this.

Your results:

A sound DEI-policy for your organisation that actually allows you to reap those benefits of diversity + inclusion!


Type: Possible as

Incompany training

1 day, in your organisation

Incompany workhop

1 half day, in your organisation

Virtual Learning Journey

2 half days, online via Zoom

max. 12 participants

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A sound diversity and inclusion policy requires a strategic, embedded and effective approach.

Module 1: Self-assessment based on our D&I checklist

  • What is already in place in your organisation?
  • What is our baseline situation?

Module 2: Building blocks for a D&I policy

  1. Analyse your existing situation and get moving
  2. Incorporate diversity in your mission and vision
  3. Invest in your managers
  4. Use the power of communication
  5. Anchor your policy

Module 3: How should we organise the process?

  1. Create a support structure
  2. Involve all stakeholders
  3. Stimulate dialogue and ownership
  4. Work out a plan
  5. Ensure follow-up

Module 4: Your D&I Policy Action Plan

  • How will you translate what you have learned to your organisation?
  • Which specific actions will you take first?


How will we help you analyse the baseline situation? Our D&I checklist covers the following topics

  1. Policy
  2. Managers
  3. Communication
  4. Recruitment & selection
  5. Induction of new employees
  6. Conversations
  7. Training & development
  8. Workable work


"I enjoyed the interactivity of the workshop. It doesn't feel like attending a training, it's more of an experience."

Lana Raeymaeckers, Team

Co-ordinator, VAPH

“Une formation superbe. Tout était bien préparé. Bons outils pédagogiques, maitrisé par la formatrice, Emilie."

Anonyme, Actiris