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Objective evaluations

Objective evaluations.

evidence-based techniques for accurate & informed evaluations

1 day  I  Incompany Training or Virtual Learning Journey

"What can we do

about bias?

A lot."

- Smithsonian (The Bias Inside Us)

What's in it for you?

Diversity delivers. Research shows that organizations with more cultural diversity (1):

  • obtain a higher return on equity;
  • deliver more innovative products and services;
  • make more intelligent business decisions.

However, there is an important prerequisite. To realise the more and better of diversity, you must first build an inclusive framework in your organisation! Because diversity without inclusion does not result in added value; it can even hamper collaboration....

Why? This has to do with how our brains work. Unconsciously - and unintentionally! - our brain has a preference for the familiar, for those similar to ourselves. Unconscious biases make it difficult to choose diverse talent because we don't recognise it as talent in the first place!

These biases play against us in recruitment and selection. (In our training on Objective recruitment, we give you the necessary tools and techniques to choose the best talent).

But our bias does not just disappear once we have recruited diverse talent.

Asthese biases are unconscious, information campaigns are not sufficient to change behaviour in your organization.

  • To work inclusively, we need to keep investing in awareness of bias and developing skills to counter it. (See also our training Breaking bias)
  • In addition, we can design our processes so that the scope for unconscious bias is minimal.

De facto, this involves processes where we need to learn to recognise and acknowledge diverse talent - especially evaluations. How do we conduct objective and informed evaluations?

In this training you learn how to approach this in concrete terms in your organization. 

(1)McKinsey, 2018, Delivering through Diversity


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Incompany training

1 dag, in uw organisatie

Groepsgrootte:  max. 12

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Your results

  • You have insight into the effects of human thinking errors on evaluation processes.

  • You know what practical steps you can take to increase diversity in your organization and to choose the best talent.
  • You know the latest methods and techniques to counter implicit bias in your organization during evaluations and understand why these techniques are effective.

  • You understand your own behaviour and that of colleagues better.


    1. Pitfalls of our thinking and their impact on the work floor

    • Hoe werkt ons brein? Systeem-1 en systeem-2-denken.
    • De sluipwegen van ons brein. Welke mindbugs maken het ons moeilijk om goede beslissingen te nemen?
    • Hoe kunt u hiertegen ingaan?

    2. Countering unconscious bias in your organisation

    • Unconscious bias bij uzelf en in uw organisatie. Waarover gaat het?
    • Hoe bias diversiteit in uw organisatie tegengaat én waarom dat problematisch is voor uw resultaten.

    3. New methodologies for evaluating without bias

    • What pitfalls of our thinking influence evaluations? We take a closer look at unconscious bias.

    • What techniques and methodologies exist to avoid these pitfalls?

    • How have leading international companies adapted their evaluation processes? How do they minimise the risk of implicit bias?

    • How do you translate these insights to your own organisation?

    Using case studies and concrete tools, you will learn how to minimise bias and fallacies in recognising and acknowledging talent to enable all talent to flourish.


    "Au nom de Veolia, je souhaite vous remercier de nous avoir invités à suivre la formation-test qui a absolument dépassé nos attentes. Les qualités pédagogiques et les connaissances de notre formatrice ainsi que le niveau des échanges au sein du groupe ont fait la différence.

    Nous repartons avec beaucoup de clarification des sujets et beaucoup d'idées pour nos objectifs de formation et de sensibilisation interne."

    à très bientôt,

    Anne-Sophie PIERRE, Diversity Manager, Veolia

    "I gained new insights that I can immediately apply in my job.

    The trainer creates a safe atmosphere and a stimulating learning environment. She leaves room for interaction and asking questions. I enjoyed exchanging experiences with other participants."

    Karine Robijn, HR & events, Umicore