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"I gained new insights that I can immediately apply in my job.

The trainer creates a safe atmosphere and a stimulating learning environment. She leaves room for interaction and asking questions. I enjoyed exchanging experiences with other participants."

Karine Robijn, HR & events, Umicore

Participated in: open training "Recruiting without bias"

"The trainer has an unique combination of professionality and spontaneity. The session was interesting and educational, completely tailored to our needs in the municipality. I particularly enjoyed the diversity of the groups and participants - we were all on equal level solving important problems."

Andre Peterson, Operational Manager, Bergrivier Municipality, South-Africa

Participated in: tailor-made workshop on "Influencing others"

"A fascinating two-day course that makes you think about how you approach and communicate matters.

Intellectually challenging and enriching. I certainly take aspects with me to apply in my daily work."

Carine De Meester, Project Manager Diversity, VIVO Social Profit

Participated in: tailor-made training on "Influencing others" & "Nudging & Framing"

"Au nom de Veolia, je souhaite vous remercier de nous avoir invités à suivre la formation-test qui a absolument dépassé nos attentes. Les qualités pédagogiques et les connaissances de notre formatrice ainsi que le niveau des échanges au sein du groupe ont fait la différence.

Nous repartons avec beaucoup de clarification des sujets et beaucoup d'idées pour nos objectifs de formation et de sensibilisation interne."

Anne-Sophie PIERRE, Diversity Manager, Veolia

about: tailor-made workshop on "Inclusive Leadership"

"What I liked most? A lot of things really: the theory and systems thinking, the types of bias and what they entail, the tools I can use for inclusive leadership, the literature to read and hearing the stories of my colleagues." 

Anonymous, People manager, Flemish government

Participated in: in-company training on "Inclusive Leadership"

"Une formation superbe! Tout était bien préparé. Bons outils pédagogiques, maitrise par la formatrice, Emilie."

Anonyme, formation pour Actiris

Participated in: tailor-made training on "Unconscious bias"

"Interesting, scientifically sound guidelines were provided. I look forward to further developing this trajectory with my colleagues from MT and MMT.

Marc Van Cotthem, Financial Manager,

Motrac Handling & Cleaning

Participated in: in-company training "The 5 drivers of intrinsic motivation"

“One of those rare workshops where I think 'I can actually do something with this!' Really happy about that.

It was eye-opening for me to see how stereotypical thinking doesn't only play during interviewing, but throughout the whole recruitment process. I will be more mindful of this from now on." 

Laurens Van den Hurk, Recruiter, Brunel

Participated in: in-company workshop on "Recruiting without bias"

"A really useful workshop. What I liked most about it was that the workshop was tailor-made to fit our needs.

Because we were working on our own cases, I got to apply the new tools and techniques in a very hands-on way. I can now take these tools and insights back home with me."

Andrea Dohle, Communication Correspondent,

Enterprise Europe Network Germany

Participated in: tailor-made workshop "Influencing others"

Good examples of scientific studies. I had a really positive feeling throughout. Els manages to maintain an open and warm atmosphere. A really interesting and fun workshop, tailored to the needs of the public."

Anonymous, People manager, Flemish government

Participated in: in-company workshop on "Designing meetings that work"

“Great ideas, expertly presented and coached.

I came away confident that I could use these techniques straight away to improve my own work outcomes.”

James Harper, Senior Communications Manager, Innovate UK

Participated in: tailor-made workshop "Nudging & Framing"

“Els her approach gives you insight into your own blind spots. Self-reflection is sometimes necessary to improve how we do things.

Good mix of theory and practice."

Sibylle Demeyere, HR manager,

Motrac Handling & Cleaning

Participated in: in-company training "The 5 drivers of intrinsic motivation"

“I got new input and had to reflect on how I approach my work. I look forward to practicing these ideas in my daily work.”

Mariusz Idzikowski, Expert, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Participated in: tailor-made workshop "Maining connection in a digital world"

"By analysing a vacancy and discussing it in subgroups, it became clear how unconscious bias seeps in everywhere.

This way the workshop provides concrete insight into why organisations need to make changes to their processes to achieve more inclusion and diversity".

Gert Tielemans, Diversity officer,

Flemish government

Participated in: in-company training "Recruiting without bias"

“An interesting topic and a great workshop!”

Anne Starkie-Alves, European Commission, Brussels

Participated in: tailor-made workshop "Dealing with fake new"

“Thank you very much for yesterday's webinar. I loved it! Very clear, very structured and plenty of take aways. 

I look forward to seeing this topic grow within Umicore and am eager to learn more about it."

Audrey Froidbise, Recruitment Officer, Umicore

Participated in: in-company training "Countering implicit bias in recruitment"

“Followed a day "Nudging & Framing". The workshop was very thoroughly prepared, with cases focused on our organisation. 

Els provided us with useful tools that will certainly help us to further improve the quality of our services."

Els Wauters, Policy Officer, Actiris

Participated in: tailor-made training "Nudging & Framing"

"Els gave a very engaging presentation of the effects of unconscious bias in recruitment. 

Even with this very large group - we were over 100 people from the VDAB - Els manages to get participants to engage actively and to share their own experiences with stereotypical thinking with others." 

Adel Mouchalleh, Expert Communication, VDAB East-Flanders

Participated in: in-company session on "Recruiting without bias"

"Very fun and interesting workshop! Clear explanation and a really nice trainer.


Sara Moors, Communication Manager, Uitmuntend Limburg

Participated in: in-company workshop on "Nudging & Framing" 

"I enjoyed the interactivity of the workshop. It doesn't feel like attending a training, it's more of an experience."

Lana Raeymaeckers, Team Co-ordinator, VAPH

Participated in: in-company session on "Inclusive Leadership"

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