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"Panta rhei I Everything flows"

- Heraclitus

Why invest in influencing & change?

Change doesn't just happen overnight. Research confirms that the majority of change projects fail.* An important reason is that our brain favours what is familiar and comfortable. Our brain does not like change! 

Achieving sustainable behavioural change requires insight in human thinking and behaviour: How do people make decisions? Why do we behave the way we do? What circumstances should I create such that people dó feel motivated to change?

Building on these insights allows you to lever exactly those elements that determine behaviour: Connect with emotion, not only rationality (psychology of change). Adjust the environment or context, so that the desired behaviour becomes the automatic behaviour (nuding). Make use of evidence-based techniques for influencing others (influencing others). 

*Harvard Business Review (2007) "Why Transformation Efforts Fail" 


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