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Hi! I'm Els Compernolle, founder of HumanInsight.

I'm fascinated by human behaviour and the plasticity of our brain. After graduating as a Bio Engineer at the University of Leuven, I ventured abroad for a good while: 11 years to be precise. I studied behavioural economics at the University of Cambridge and lectured at the London School of Economics and University College Dublin. I worked as a senior policy advisor in London, Dublin and Brussels. 

For HumanInsight I incorporate the latest knowledge from behavioural economics, neurosciences and cognitive psychology in evidence-based training and consultancy, that is geared towards maximal impact.

Our clients are our best ambassadors: they consistently review our work very positively, with a mean satisfaction score of 8,8.

Our experts, trainers & coaches

Winny Ang

Winny is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, with an MSc in Transcultural Psychiatry and a clinical practice in Antwerp. Winny is affiliated with the University of Antwerp, where she teaches on culture-sensitive communication and care. For Studio Sesam she creates, together with other authors, exciting and super-diverse children's books.

In her training and coaching, Winny focuses on diversity and inclusion, culture-sensitive ways of working and intercultural communication.

Emilie Brébant

Emilie is an anthropologist (Phd of the Université Libre de Bruxelles). In her trainings she makes use of instruments of collective intelligence (sociocracy, PRODAS talking circle, deep democracy...), theatre improvisation and action theatre.

Emilie gives trainings and facilitates groups in the field of diversity and inclusion, intercultural competences and communication and participatory governance. She guides teams in analysing their current way of working and co-creating projects.

Els Compernolle

Els is the founder of HumanInsight. She is fascinated by human behaviour and how we can make the most of the plasticity of our brain. After graduating as a bio-engineer, Els ventured abroad for 11 years. In that period, she studied behavioural economics at the University of Cambridge and lectured at the London School of Economics and University College Dublin.

Els regularly gives training in Belgium and abroad, is a trainer for NCOI Opleidingen (NL) and The Thinking Academy (NL). 

Els Hauser

Els is a psychotherapist and consultant in the field of diversity and inclusion. Her expertise focuses on intercultural communication - the management of diversity and the journey towards inclusion - and crossroads thinking and intersectionality. 

Els coaches individuals and facilitates teams in the area of diversity and inclusion, non-violent communication, change management and burn-out prevention towards both employees and employers.

Goele Luyts

Goele's mission is to help people and organisations discover their talent and potential to become the best version of themselves. Her expertise is talent development, non-violent communication, mindfulness and personal leadership.

Goele complemented her studies in Language and Literature with various peron-centric training courses. She is a coach (inspirational and solution focused), Core Talent analyst and trainer. 

Emmanuelle Verhagen

Emmanuelle is diversity expert and leadership coach. She holds an MBA from SDA Bocconi. After travelling the world as a brand strategist, she now assists organisations in building their diversity, equity and inclusion programmes. She also leads the largest intersex community in Belgium.

As a certified co-active leader Emmanuelle designs and runs experiental workshops and coaching sessions on unconscious bias, gender, allyship, ...