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Why invest in Inclusive Leadership?

Young or old, dark or light skintone, introvert or extravert, we are all different. Inclusive leaders create a workplace where everyone can be fully unique and at the same time included in the group. That is how inclusive leaders realise the added value of diversity in teams and organisations.  

Realising the added value of diversity does not just happen. It takes work building an inclusive environment. Research shows that diversity without inclusion leads to miscommunication and resentment. In those circumstances diversity becomes a hindrance, not a bonus. 

Building an inclusive culture as leader requires specific skills and knowledge. Skills every leader should acquire. Because diverse teams and organisations outperform their peers: (*1) 

  • Companies with inclusive leadership outperform their peers with 35% in terms of financial results.
  • Diverse teams are smarter, (*2) make better decisions, are more innovative and creative. This is because - in a diverse setting - the brain is challenged to abandon ingrained routines. 

(1) McKinsey, 2018, Delivering through Diversity

(2) Harvard Business Review, 2016, Why Diverse Teams are Smarter


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In-company training

2 days, in your organisation

In-company training - essentials

1 day, in your organisation

max. 12 participants

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Your results

  • insight in unconscious assumptions and mental shortcuts
  • practical tools to be more inclusive in your leadership
  • ability to steer a team towards a common goal
  • ability to realise the added value that stems from differences


"I enjoyed the interactivity of the workshop. It doesn't feel like attending a training, it's more of an experience."

Lana Raeymaeckers, Teamcoördinator, VAPH

"What I liked most? A lot of things really: the theory and systems thinking, the types of bias and what they entail, the tools I can use for inclusive leadership, the literature to read and hearing the stories of my colleagues."

Anon., People manager, Flemish government